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EXTRA-LARGE VW T5 Camper Transporter Van Conversion Motorhome LWB 2007

EXTRA-LARGE VW T5 Camper Transporter Van Conversion Motorhome LWB 2007
EXTRA-LARGE VW T5 Camper Transporter Van Conversion Motorhome LWB 2007
EXTRA-LARGE VW T5 Camper Transporter Van Conversion Motorhome LWB 2007
EXTRA-LARGE VW T5 Camper Transporter Van Conversion Motorhome LWB 2007
EXTRA-LARGE VW T5 Camper Transporter Van Conversion Motorhome LWB 2007
EXTRA-LARGE VW T5 Camper Transporter Van Conversion Motorhome LWB 2007
EXTRA-LARGE VW T5 Camper Transporter Van Conversion Motorhome LWB 2007
EXTRA-LARGE VW T5 Camper Transporter Van Conversion Motorhome LWB 2007
EXTRA-LARGE VW T5 Camper Transporter Van Conversion Motorhome LWB 2007
EXTRA-LARGE VW T5 Camper Transporter Van Conversion Motorhome LWB 2007
EXTRA-LARGE VW T5 Camper Transporter Van Conversion Motorhome LWB 2007
EXTRA-LARGE VW T5 Camper Transporter Van Conversion Motorhome LWB 2007

EXTRA-LARGE VW T5 Camper Transporter Van Conversion Motorhome LWB 2007   EXTRA-LARGE VW T5 Camper Transporter Van Conversion Motorhome LWB 2007
Extra-Large VW T5 Camper Conversion. The original T5 VW van is sound; a 2007 T30 Transporter with an easy history, recent MOT, service, and no issues or repairs being needed. But then the recent 2018 camper-conversion is literally the biggest youll come across, adding approximately 30% more to the floor space to an already-large Long Wheel Base VW T5 van (and accommodating up to 4 people). Theres simply no other conversion that will match this. This conversion has been completed this year to a hig.

With a roll-out bed from the rear barn doors, this extra space is added, plus a roof extension to make the most of full head-height in the middle of the camper. And all this has been deliberately done simply and stylish so that you can add your own personal stamp; black and white base colours blended with subtle greys, metal finishes, and that trendy rustic feel.

Just add your own personal items and décor to make the colour and feel that you want. 32 Features of This Camper Van Conversion. A full Conversion Guide is also provided which not only details the specification and certification of everything, but various options to change to your own personal space over time, whether thats extra seating or hammock areas, or additional facilities like heating and cooling.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty, heres whats included with this conversion. The classic German-quality turbo diesel engine. Technically described as a direct injection turbo diesel with Pumpe Duse or PD Technology, and more practically described by Parkers as punchy and powerful. Its the 1.9 cc engine with 84 bhp delivering great economy alongside good performance. Full MOT from August this year.

Meaning another nine months left. Plus, a full service was completed this summer with no issues detected. Average mileage at around 150,000.

Full standard ABS brakes for safety. Van as opposed to the more popular Short Wheel Base one (SWB). In short, its longer, and of course a must to get the most space possible even before you look at the camper conversion. Full colour-coded bumpers at the front and rear.

Which make a difference rather than the bare grey-plastic ones you sometimes see. Remote central locking through the main remote key and one spare key with deadlocks. Also, a transponder immobiliser and factory-fitted alarm.

Not only a full valet, but also full hand re-polish. On the bodywork to get it looking real good. Full insulation on the van sides and floor.

Before the final wood coverings and trimmings, in order to make sure that it maintains warmth as much as possible. Good and simple fire-safety and health & safety measures. Including a fire extinguisher, smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, and first aid kit. A roll-out double bed from the rear doors to increase the floor space by another 5 feet and approximately 30%.

This is a completely new design, with other conversions simply making most of what space there is already within the van. With this, you literally roll-out a base through 90 degrees to get the bed poking out the back, all completely stable and easy to get in and out. Plus, this also makes a nice sofa-bed feature during the day as well as the full bed use at night. Plus, there are two extra storage areas tightly fitted around this double bed.

Firstly, underneath the main front base in the van which is there on a permanent basis, and secondly when the bed is rolled back in the van you have some additional space in the back for even larger items such as chairs and outside equipment for when youre travelling. Proper memory-foam mattress for the double bed. Is included meaning you only need your own final duvet and pillows. This is a proper soft one, unlike the seat/bed combos you often see in other van conversions. Roof extension that folds up for an additional height to the main van area and so over six feet total height for people to comfortably stand. This is made from a GRP system that easily folds away, and reduces heat loss, draughts and noise levels that you often incur with the canvas ones. In terms of outside this roof extension, then there are 4 handy key-locks on each corner to make secure, and the whole thing when closed only rising up an inch or two from the main roof line to make access to things like multi-storey car parks still possible. And on the construction side of things, there are side openings to allow natural light through made of acrylic (like with aircrafts), plus the whole extension only has to remove two main roof trusses in the van as opposed to four with most other roof conversions, hence maintaining as much van-strength as possible. Aircraft-grade aluminium cupboards and kitchen unit. Within the vehicle, which not only provide a good and simple look but are approximately one-third the weight of other lightweight plywood, all powder-coated for a tough durable finish. A simple and natural black and white coloured theme in the whole van. Which means ANY choice of your own personal colours and décor will always match. The units and trim are white to contrast against the black vehicle colour and internal main finish, alongside a trendy gun-metal grey for the kitchen worktop, pull-out table, and final floor covering. A good-quality leather-material floor finish. Not just any old cheap vinyl tiles. These are all on top of a solid plywood base, and in a matching grey with sparkles design. The extra sides of the van from the long wheel base. Means you have space to hang things, with a hook board on one side for various trays and boxes, and net-holders on the other to easily place items like magazines and kitchen equipment in. Three front seats for carrying people. With a double passenger seat making most of the up-front space. This means both the single drivers one and double-passenger one can turn around 180 degrees to comfortably seat 3 people all facing into the main camper area (to be honest, just the double passenger one is often all thats needed). Two flip chairs are also included for the middle of the camper for the seating area, making provision for up to five people in total (see the Conversion Guide for permanent seat options). Also, the photos show a variety of seat combinations, for example all five, just the double passenger and extra chairs, or simply the two chairs on either side of the table for simplicity.

Purpose-built table that not only folds away to allow full use of the camper area if needed. But easily tucks away in the inside of the side sliding door of the van; a great space-saving measure. Full triple-whammy electricity supply to make sure you can always be powering just what you want and where you want it.

Firstly, theres the usual 12-volt electrics from a separate leisure battery, which powers the main items like the inside lights and fridge when travelling. In short, this leisure battery is separate to the main van one to make sure you never drain it so for that you cant drive off and is automatically charged-up when driving. Secondly, this battery will then enable short bursts of full-on 240 mains volts, with a handy double socket inside great for say charging up laptops and mobile phones. It technical terms, there is an inverter to beef-up the 12 volts from the leisure battery to the 240 volts mains level.

And thirdly, there is a singing-and-dancing full connection to an external 240 volts, so you can hook-up when at home or a campsite. To make this as easy as possible, there isa socket on the external side of the van, along with a special extension cable (and handy storage bag) to literally just trail to a standard mains socket somewhere.

All this is controlled in a hidden box between the sink and side-cupboards inside, with easy to use switches, USB charge points, and voltage meter for the leisure battery checks. Plus, full electrical certification is provided showing that all this has been safely installed. An array of LED lighting within the van for a triple-whammy effect.

Lower electricity consumption, longer-lasting bulbs, and a great whiter and better-quality light effect. The main ones are 12 volt on the ceiling of the main van (6 at the rear, and 6 along the sides strips in the middle), 2 additional spots on the rear cupboards for softer lighting near the bed area (with handy additional switch near the bed unit), a strip light over the kitchen area, and a strip light over the side door to automatically goon when opened. Plus, six separate battery spot lights are provided with a remote control timer and dimmer, to be located just where you want them (well provide this). Quality SMEV 9222 sink and hob unit in the middle kitchen section for cooking and washing facilities.

A small gas bottle easily fits under here for the cooker (with a full gas safety check record of course), and handy water bottle underneath with electric pump for watering the sink and drainage underneath the van. A brand new electric two-way fridge to keep all your food and drink nicely chilled.

After looking into, this seemed the best way to provide, rather than the three-way ones involving gas. So in short, you can keep things chilling-over on the vans 12-volt leisure battery when traveling, but then just hook up to full 240 mains volts from outside when stood for full cover. Lots of handy spaces to store things inside the camper to make most of the space. Including side cupboards with shelves and area behind roller shutters, shelves over these and the kitchen area, and gaps within the kitchen unit for a cutlery tray and other little nick-nacks.

Even in the bed-unit itself, you can insert pouches on each side as handy storage areas for say phones and jewellery whilst in bed. Two additional side windows in the main van area. Allowing additional daylight and in the case of the one near the kitchen area then some fresh air with an easy opening. Plus, internal curtains over these for full privacy. Blinds are also provided to easily place over the windows in the front cab area.

And therefore ensure full privacy when youre in the camper at night. These securely clip on, and seem a better way to still benefit from this cab area when youre in the main camper part rather than a middle curtain cordoning off this cab area. A portable toilet is included. Which nicely hides away under the kitchen unit and shielded by a roller shutter. Check out the Conversion Guide for ideas to have the toilet elsewhere, plus you can always just leave out and have additional storage space.

Is There Anything to Worry About. Not really to be honest, theres only a few small items that were not done in time, for example a new radio knob and seat-belt buckle cover, but were looking into these in the meantime.

Theres also sometimes a vibration when you change gear, but it has been checked to make sure its nothing serious and mechanical. Theres below-average wear-and-tear on the van for its age, just the usual small scratches or marks, nothing glaringly obvious. It deliberately has a rougher and rustic look; therefore if thats not your thing and youre after a completely smooth factory-quality smooth finish then this camper conversion is probably not for you. The metal and clean colours have been deliberately kept, the original fibre-glass finish inside enhanced and not covered, and even small gaps in some sides of the roof extension kept for good air flow and ventilation. Why This Camper isTotally Unique.

Just to recap, this is a totally one-off camper conversion, increasing the maximum floor space in a T5 by approximately 30%, and deliberately simple and sophisticated to allow you to add your own personal touch. Its a sound van that had a good quality conversion this year thats worth securing before the new season.

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  • Type: Motorhome
  • Manufacturer: Volkswagen
  • Subtype: Camper Van
  • Model Year: 2007
  • Model: VW T5
  • Engine Size: 1900
  • Mileage: 155000
  • Year of Registration: 2007
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Horsepower (Bhp): 84
  • Modified Item: Yes
  • V5 Registration Document: Present
  • Colour: Black
  • Wheel Base: LWB
  • Equipment: Toilet
  • Safety Features: Anti-Lock Brakes
  • MOT Certificate: 9 Months Remaining
  • Fridge/ Freezer: Fridge
  • Features & Equipment: 12V Lighting

EXTRA-LARGE VW T5 Camper Transporter Van Conversion Motorhome LWB 2007   EXTRA-LARGE VW T5 Camper Transporter Van Conversion Motorhome LWB 2007